What Is Gun Culture? [VIDEO]

What is gun culture all about?

The Twang N Bang YouTube Channel put out this informative, entertaining and compelling 4 minute video explaining gun culture. He explains how it’s a culture of self-reliance, being on your own during times of crisis, “being the self in self-defense” and realizing that “no matter how good your fire department is, fire extinguishers save lives.”

The video explains how the Second Amendment has kept us safe from tyranny for 200 years, how it honors the sacrifices of those who died for freedom and how freedom isn’t free.

His analogy of the AR-15 and speed limits was brilliant. While both government and civilians have to abide by the speed limit, an AR-15 in the hands of a law-enforcement officer isn’t called an “assault weapon” even if it’s “designed to kill as many people as possible” as the government puts it. Which brings up the question of why would the government want cops to have such weapons? Hunters are also defended, and the hypocrisy of those who hate hunters while enjoying dining filet mignon is exposed.

Your turn..

What does gun culture mean to you and why do you support it?

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